Consequently, FDH and HRL created Lahore Smart City (LSC), a housing community on the Lahore Highway that has received approval from the LDA. The LSC has provided the real estate industry with a new living breath with its cutting-edge facilities and amenities. Due to its high structural standard, lavish lifestyle, advanced construction, elevated design, clever technical solutions, and flexible designs, it is the most palatable investment choice in Lahore.

The Lahore Smart City, which will soon officially start construction per the following international standards for innovative city building structures, is known to be developing Pakistan’s second smart city. The idea of modern digital sustainability, the atmosphere, and sustainable urban development is the foundation of this work.

20000 Kanals of land utilized to construct Lahore Smart City. Being one of the fullest cities in the Pakistan, Lahore aids as the regional capital of Punjab. In the city’s city areas, urbanized demand has been rising recently. As a result, the diffusion of urban pressure from the city core to the suburbs will likely be advantageous for Lahore Smart City.


World-renowned developers, including FDHL, HRL and SJ, were involved in creating and designing the Lahore smart city. These contractors have already made significant progress in the building industry. In addition, they have completed numerous commitments to creating all around Pakistan. Moreover, they have a solid reputation in the real estate industry for putting up extraordinary work and attention to constructing first-rate facilities in housing areas like DHA and Bahria Town. 

Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited

One of Pakistan’s leading developers is Habib Rafiq Pvt Limited (HRL). They have established frequent honours for their unique structure and growth work over the past fifty years. Nevertheless, their success is attributable to their steadfast commitment to and excitement for consumer demands.

Surbana Jurong (SJ)


SJ feels privileged to serve as the remarkable society today’s principal architect and creator. Additionally, this business is among Asia’s most well-known real estate experts for constructing roads. SJ was founded in 2015 and has received government recognition in Singapore.

Future Development Holdings Private Limited

The company is known as one of the highest real estate corporations. They also participate in the CSCI development. FDH is renowned for developing cutting-edge housing estates that follow global standards.

Master Plan

The Lahore Smart City strategic plan was created, produced, and built by a qualified and experienced group of professionals. The crew maintained a decent existence by working seven days a week around the clock. There are numerous areas and divisions in Lahore’s Smart City. In addition, the management decided to open two residential areas with all the facilities available today. Then, developmental work started in both of the already established Blocks.

Surbana Jurong (SJ), a Singapore-based consulting company, developed the Smart City Lahore grand plan, and Norman Foster is the development’s architect. Moreover, the construction of this substantial building, Surbana Jurong, is highly the European growth and development. Furthermore, it delivers a variety of housing choices. Again, the 20,000 Kanal of land makes up Lahore Smart City. At first, the management built two blocks only used for residential uses named Executive and Overseas Block.

Executive Block

For Pakistanis who want to live the most fulfilling lives possible, there is the Executive Block. Additionally, society offers all modern conveniences and amenities. Several residential properties are available in the Lahore Smart City Executive Block, comprising 5, 7, 10, and 1 Kanal homes.

Overseas Block

Pakistanis who wish to reside in security in our community can do so abroad. This building was created and planned to meet the requirements of ex-pats who wanted to experience the same level of entertainment in Pakistan. Pakistanis living abroad should visit the Lahore smart city Overseas Block. Additionally, it is the most advantageous and secure kind of overseas trade. Therefore, the residential scheme aims to accommodate Pakistanis’ needs abroad. The overseas block offers a variety of dwelling plot sizes, including 5, 7, 10, 12, and 1 Kanal.

Lahore Smart City Districts

There are various districts in the Lahore smart city Executive and Overseas, described below their facilities.

Lahore Smart City Executive Block  

The executive building for Lahore’s smart city promised to give residents a feeling of luxury and ease. The housing villas, residential plots, hospital services, leisure, religious freedom, and education services on this block were only a few of the many amenities available.

 Lahore Smart City Sports District 

The smart city’s citizens can participate in various beneficial and enjoyable exercises at the sports facility. This neighbourhood includes a racing, a gorgeous, sizable cricketer and sports complex, and food and beverage options. Rental apartments are also present in this area.

Education Institute

This area is home to numerous schools, colleges, and institutions for increased education. It also provides medical schools. This area also includes daycare facilities to aid working women and provide primary childhood for the kids.

Theme Park

This neighbourhood is home to lovely theme parks, including a stunning Bird Park with various birds, a picnicking hotel for the perfect day, food & drinks for families, and a Streets fast food park.

Silicon Valley

For the convenience of the people, Silicon Valley in this residential scheme contains many stores, technological operation offices, IT businesses, corporate headquarters, and close-by residential flats.


The huge Jamia Masjid in the scheme serves as a resource for its citizens, and each sector has its own Masajid.

Healthcare Districts

The medical centres in Lahore Smart City are of the highest calibre. The community has top-notch medical facilities, pharmacies, and labs.

City smart Lahore NOC

Lahore Smart City is a legitimate residential development that has received approval from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). A residential complex can legally supply all facilities to its resident’s thanks to the No Objection Certificate (NOC), a legal document. Various governmental departments and building regulating bodies granted the NOC. Due to Lahore Smart City’s amended NOC, the project will have access to all necessary amenities like water, energy, and electricity.

Location & Plan

The location is crucial when purchasing a property. An investor must understand the pros and cons of the property’s location while making a real estate investment. The position and map of the Lahore smart city linked the plan to the city’s centre via important significant highways. It would be accessible from the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and the N5 GT Road (M2). The primary location of Lahore is one of the finest in the region in terms of convenience from the core Lahore municipal zones. Real estate professionals have been delighted about the launch of the smart city in Lahore. Many realtors claim that this development has the potential to be just as successful a project.

The two essential highway connectors that link Lahore to the rest of Pakistan are connecting on the Lahore Smart Specific city and map. Because of this, society stands out as a top destination for individuals looking for quick, profitable returns on their assets.

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has approved this scheme NOC, and this housing scheme is a genuine housing development.

Price Plan

The Lahore Smart City payment plans have affordable prices and practical monthly plans. Property for sale in the Lahore Smart City is reasonably priced and is available to buy. Reasonable pricing was a priority for the administration of the Smart city Lahore payment plan. The price plan for the executive block in Lahore Smart City is also very fair, offering the clients incentive to give back to society. Lahore Smart City’s five marla financing plan is reasonable since its administration wants people from all economic backgrounds to be capable of investing in it. Lahore Smart city instalment choices are also available for the customer’s convenience. For the benefit of the users, the Lahore Smart city payment plan 2022 is also routinely maintained on the actual website.

Instalment Plan

Property for sale in the Lahore Smart city is also available with simple monthly payments. The residential scheme instalment plan will require a 10% down payment, followed by a verification fee and quarterly instalments. Before the official launch, a company is eligible for payment and instalment plans for the Lahore Smart City. The cost of plots in Lahore’s Smart city will change soon. Furthermore, the smart city payment plan might not include construction expenditures. All of these options are available on 3.5-year  instalment plans. The total estimated instalments to purchase industrial plots on Installment are 14, which is reasonable. Undoubtedly, the business instalment plan for this scheme is a significant accomplishment.

Booking Process

The following criteria need to follow  to reserve a property in Lahore Smart City manually:

  • Complete the application form.
  • Join Smart City Lahore by completing the online application.
  • Pay processing fees with the down payment.
  • Provide a passport-size picture.
  • Add a copy of the CNIC.
  • Include a copy of the NICOP. Include a duplicate of the invoice.


Inexpensive comforts and comforts are available in Lahore Smart City. The facilities are a fully integrated multifunctional development component of any elevated, large project. The scheme offers numerous services, including

Basic Services

The development considers the locals’ needs in terms of basic amenities like power, gas, and water. As a result, water sources will be constructed for this usage, storing a sizable volume of water, gas, and energy that locals will require for daily tasks. Moreover, individuals and businesses are very concerned about power outages or blackouts. As a result, Lahore Smart City has large generators that run continuously.

Approved society

City smart Lahore One of Lahore’s most delicate legal residential schemes, NOC was granted LDA authorization. Consequently, you may secure your future by investing in plots in Lahore Smart city.

Gated Scheme

A surveillance system that operates around the clock includes Surveillance cameras and other monitoring equipment that protects individuals. In addition, to further ensure a high degree of safety, the community was encircled by a barrier with a security system.

Other Features

  • Superstores
  • Convenience
  • 24/7 Upkeep
  • Safety 24/7
  • Friendly-neighborhood
  • Spectacular Entrance
  • Excellence Construction
  • Drainage water and trash dumping arrangement
  • World-class structure development


The main objective of the luxury commercial building Smart City Lahore is to provide residents with a first-rate, extravagant lifestyle. Providing pleasant amenities, being economical, and sustaining its position are vital features of this scheme. The city’s appearance will also alter as residential complexes are constructing t in Lahore Smart City. Also, five marla plots are the most popular in the community. Five marla plots are available under the Lahore Smart City price plan.

Additionally, the consumer may ensure that their venture will be beneficial quickly by making it in Lahore Smart City, thanks to its strategic position and up-to-date facilities. The frequency of plots in society varies over time. On their sites, you can find the Lahore Smart city payment schedule until 2022.


  1. Who is behind the Lahore Smart City initiative, and why?

The Lahore Smart City is the joint effort of Future Development Holdings (FDH), Surbana Jurong (SJ), AND Habib Rafiq Limited (HRL).

  1. Is the property in Lahore Smart City better to buy?

Yes, the residential scheme is undoubtedly the most fantastic investment opportunity.

  1. Where is this housing scheme located?

Lahore Smart City, situated in the northern outskirts of Lahore, is adjacent to the Kala Shah Kaku GT Road Junction, the Lahore – Sialkot Highway, and the Lahore – Islamabad Expressway.

  1. Lahore Smart City has how much space?

The builder has created the residential scheme on 20,000 Kanals of land. There could be future growth.

  1. How should the Smart City of Lahore be checked?

 You may follow the booking on Lahore Smart City’s official site.