Islamabad Marina Introduction

A state of  the art project, Islamabad Marina by a marina group of companies, is a residential project for the residents looking for an investment opportunity. The project is located right in the heart of Islamabad and is easily accessible to the new Islamabad international airport, making it even more attractive for buyers and investors. The project has a prime location as it is accessible to the new airport road, zero-point Islamabad, Srinagar highway, and metro bus stations.

The project of Islamabad Marina offers residential plots of various sizes ranging from 5 Marla to 7 Marla. 1 kanal projects are also available under the residential plot category. Every unit has different facilities and amenities such as educational institutes, shopping malls, parks and playgrounds, gyms and swimming pools, etc. the project aims to provide a secure environment to residents, providing a 24/7 surveillance system. CCTV cameras are installed everywhere, and a security guard is also there so people can live peacefully.

Islamabad Marina is a state of an art project from the developer’s fulling residents’ need for their dream house. The project is safe and secure, filled with modern facilities, and ideal for those looking for better investment projects in Islamabad.

Islamabad Marina Owners and Developers

The urban planning and design limited (UDPL) (Pvt.) has undertaken the Islamabad Marina project, which is considered the most ruthless project. This project reflects the dedication of the owners and developers towards providing luxury and comfort to the residents. It is a state-of-the-art project in the real estate industry, and UDPL is committed to ensuring that it meets all safety standards, providing a safe and sound environment for its residents. The aim of the project is to offer an affordable Islamabad Marina payment plan to the people, providing a secure place to live peacefully.

UDPL is a well-renowned company in the real estate industry. The developers have been serving the industry for the past several years. Developers provide premium projects and earned a reputation in the industry. They are a go-to provider of property development. The famous project Gulberg Greens is also developed by UDPL, which makes them famous in Islamabad.

UDPL is famous for its projects in construction, professionalism, customer satisfaction, and high standards of quality. Dar Ul Unsa is also a famous company that provides consultation for this project. The company also ensures to provide a better project that meets the demand of customers and clients. 

Islamabad Marina NOC Status

PHATA approves the Islamabad Marina. The PHATA is the regulatory authority for Islamabad. The concerned authorities approve the residential and commercial areas, making them trusted projects for buyers and investors. NOC is required for the projects to make it legal, and that is why Islamabad marina city gets the NOC so buyers can easily buy the plots. Islamabad Marina  NOC gives them a secure and safe environment.

The projects get the approval for 3600 kanal of land. Other areas get approval from concerned authorities in a short time. PHATA has implemented rules and regulations to make projects safe and secure for residents. The Islamabad marina project is set to give residents a premium project as it has all the amenities, including approved NOC by regulated PHATA authorities.

Islamabad Marina Location

Location is an important feature for every project, especially real estate projects. Location decides the price of the property. Islamabad Marina  is the prime location as it is close to the new Islamabad international airport, which is why it is getting fame from investors daily. The Islamabad Marina project is close to Mumtaz and Islamabad’s top city.

The project is accessible to the ring road, M2 motorway, and Srinagar highway. The Metro bus station is also near the project. The map location shows that the project is nearest to the new Islamabad airport as it is 0 km away.

The Islamabad Marina master plan provides residents various facilities and amenities, including a prime location. The area is covered with greenery and provides beautiful surroundings so people live in peace.

Islamabad Marina accessibility

When the project is accessible and close to the city’s main locations, the project’s value increases. Likewise, the project of Islamabad marina city is accessible to important locations in the city. Such as it is accessible to the M2 motorway in Islamabad. It is also accessible to zero point and Faizabad Islamabad. Other important locations close to the project are: 

  • Faizabad bus stop is 30 minutes away from the project
  • Blue area is 30 minutes away from the project
  • New Islamabad international airport is 1 minute away from the project
  • Islamabad interchange is 5 minutes away from the project
  • Kashmir highway is 2 minutes away from the project

Nearby Areas and Landmarks

So many important locations are close to the Islamabad Marina . The project is surrounded by:

  • New Islamabad international airport
  • Mumtaz city
  • Top city
  • University town Islamabad
  • Dhok Hameeda
  • Pind Nasrala
  • Jamia masjid Faizan
  • Paradise apartment
  • T road


Islamabad Marina  Master Plan

Islamabad marina city is an exclusive plan for developing residential and commercial cities in the capital. The Islamabad Marina master plan includes residential units for buyers to live better with their families. Commercial areas are also there so investors can invest in commercial units. The Islamabad marina project is giving the city major goals by providing it support for economic growth.

The master plan of the city includes paved and carpeted roads, open parking spaces, outstanding infrastructure, markets and shopping malls, and a main boulevard are also a part of the master plan. Other than that plan includes a mosque, graveyards, parks, playgrounds, stadiums, community centers, hospitals, clinics, and offices.

The project is filled with greenery and beautiful surroundings. An exclusive and comprehensive transportation system, paths for bike, public transportation, and path for pedestrians is also included in the master plan of the project.

Education is the priority for developers, so the plan also includes educational institutes. Other than that, healthcare centers are there to care for residents’ health. The clinics are open 24/7 in case of emergency. Parks and playgrounds, community centers, gyms, swimming pools, and social clubs are there to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Water resources, energy reservoirs, energy-efficient lighting, and clean water includes in the master plan so people can live the best life. The master plan of Islamabad marina is all set to give residents a healthy and perfect living by reducing pollution.

The developers have announced the Islamabad Marina  payment plan offering pre-launch prices for residential and commercial plots of various sizes. The prices are highly affordable, making investing in property easier for people of all income levels. This makes it possible for those on a tight budget to purchase a property in Islamabad Marina City.

Islamabad Marina Plots Sizes

Islamabad Marina offers residential and commercial plots for buyers and investors. The city plot category starts from 5 Marla to 1 kanal. And every plot measurement and prices are different accordingly. But the Islamabad Marina payment plan is affordable by all. The plot sizes at Islamabad marina are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 kanal

Islamabad Marina Payment Plan

The payment plan for Islamabad Marina is simple and flexible for the ease of residents. The prices of plots vary according to size as Islamabad Marina offers plot sizes ranging from 5 Marla plots to 1 kanal plot. The payment plan is flexible, as you can pay in installments. Other than that, you can pay installments every month or can pay biannually. The Islamabad Marina payment as follows:

  • 5 Marla plot is available at 4,200,000 with a booking payment of 490,000 and 48 monthly installments of 36,000
  • 7 Marla plot is available at 5,800,000 with booking payment of 690,000 and 48 monthly installments of 49,000
  • 10 Marla plot is available at 7,800,000 with a booking payment of 950,500 and 48 monthly installments of 66,000
  • 14 Marla plot is available at 9,900,000 with booking payment of 1,190,000 and 48 monthly installments of 82,000
  • 1 Kanal plot is available at 9,900,000 with booking payment of 1,490,000 and 48 monthly installments of 108,000

Islamabad Marina Facilities and Amenities

Islamabad Marina is a unique project from the developers as it has a prime location and is nearest to the new Islamabad international airport. The project offers residents modern infrastructure, an easy payment plan, and many facilities and amenities. Such as the city is offering so many facilities, including paved roads, pathways, educational institutes, clinics, shopping malls, restaurants, markets, offices, etc. other than that, the project offers basic utilities like water, gas, and electricity. Some of the facilities of Islamabad Marina  are:

 Educational Institutes

One of the things that Islamabad marina city is famous for is its educational institutes and standards, providing a suitable environment for learning and development growth. In schools, not only do they get an education but also have sports activities for their betterment. The school has a primary and college level with qualified teachers who give their students the best study management. This institute has a playground, library, cafeteria, and gymnast area.

 Hotels and Restaurants

Islamabad Marina has a lot of five stars hotels in Islamabad. They have prominent buildings with varieties of hotels and restaurants. They are huge and spacious with many modern amenities. They are beautifully decorated with marble and have great lighting. Their restaurants offer many national and international cuisine with delicious tastes. Along with restaurants, there are also cafes and coffee shops with soothing music.

Mosque and Graveyard

Every block has a mosque and graveyard provided to its citizens for comfort and solace in times of death and despair. They are well-maintained and have lush green trees and flowers. The mosques give citizens a lace to unite, pray and seek knowledge and guidance. It is well furnished and conditioned and a separate place for children to learn Quran.

 Gated Community 24/7 

Islamabad Marina city is well equipped and well gated, proving its residence a secure and safe environment. Security cameras and security staff monitor the entrance and exit gates and check every vehicle that goes in and out. People don’t need to worry about their safety as security is always on alert and monitors every person and vehicle. Visitors are only allowed to enter with their id cards.

 Water Resources 

The water provided to the citizen is abundant and clean. Every society has its reservoirs filled with clean rainwater. Every stored water is cleaned and filtered for any impurities. They also test it before providing it to the city. There are also various filtration plants to ensure the quality of water. They supply water to the entire city and have a conservation plant to keep the water in place or store it.

Islamabad Marina Development Status 

Islamabad Marina city is now in the planning and developing phase. The project developers are set to provide a waterfront community in the heart of Islamabad. It also aims to provide residents with residential, commercial, and recreational facilities so everyone can have a better living standard. The project’s development includes road infrastructure, a better sewerage system, and a park.

Islamabad Marina is accessible to many major locations like the Islamabad expressway, making it easy for the resident to access the capital city. The major goal developers look forward to is opening different restaurants, malls, and other activities.

The payment plan is flexible for buyers as they can pay in installments. The Islamabad marina  project opens many employment opportunities and helps in economic growth. The project is a major visitor attraction and is expected to be completed in the upcoming years. It will be a major uphill for the economy.

Why Invest in Islamabad Marina?

Islamabad Marina city is one of the best projects from the developers. It is a masterpiece and a state of an art project that gives people the best place to live. There are a lot of reasons to invest in Islamabad marina city. Such as:

Better Institutes

Whether you are looking for a school, college, or university, you can find the best education system for your kids. the educational institutes are based on modern and international standards. There are libraries, labs, sports areas, etc., for children.

24/7 Clinics

Besides educational institutes, Islamabad marina city offers clinics for residents’ health. These clinics remain open for 24 hours so people can approach professional doctors in an emergency.

Gated Community

Safety and security are everyone’s priorities. So,  IslamabadMarina city is offering 24/7 security to residents. Security cameras are installed everywhere, and security guards protect the community.

Recreational Activities

Islamabad Marina is also concerned about the mental and physical health of the residents. That is why it provides so many activities to residents, such as community centers, sports complexes, swimming pools, and gyms.

Better Investment Option

Islamabad Marina is for those with long-term investment planning who want to save money for the future. So, it gives the option of a better rate of return on investment for a long period.


Islamabad Marina  is an entire project from UDPL Private Ltd. The owners and developers are giving major living goals to residents. It provides residents with a prime location, a better payment plan, and modern facilities and amenities.

The residential plots ranging from 5 Marla to 1 kanal are available for buyers and investors. Every unit has a different payment plan in installments. Despite the payment plan, Islamabad Marina  NOC and the facilities are way more than one can imagine. The facilities include shopping malls, markets, offices, paved and carpeted roads, safety and security, parks, playgrounds, and whatnot.

So if you want to invest in the best and book your plots with Islamabad marina city, you can contact Aurum marketing for further details.