Cyrus-1 is one of its kind apartment-hotel project that will be a four-star standard project. Moreover, the developers are keen to bring forward the best living standards in commercial and residential places where investors and inhabitants can have optimal living standards. The best aspect of investing here is that the investors will have a luxurious lifestyle close to Islamabad International Airport. Moreover, international standards amenities will be part of the community where investors will create sustainable living goals.

The mega hotel project will be income generating investment opportunity for the investors, where they can only live and make massive and good return profits. Moreover, the investment opportunity will help create shareholders with reasonable global living standards. The other details of the project are available in this article.

Noc Status

The mega project will be offering a secured investment opportunity for all shareholders. Moreover, there will be a need for legitimacy in all real estate projects to make the investment more sustainable and profitable. The global brand is famous for creating trustworthy and sound real estate and hotel chains. Therefore, overseas investors and inland shareholders trust their project to make massive gains. And to cater for the investor’s beneficial interest and increase the investment rates at the mega hotel and apartment project, the owners have gained legitimate status.

The hotel chain is legal by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Moreover, to gain the shareholder’s trust and make the investment more lucrative, the hotel project is also registered with the FBR Amnesty Scheme. Therefore, investors should have no doubts about investing in this mega-profitable project. Most importantly, investment in legal entities is the dream of both inland and overseas investors. Lastly, the project’s location and investment prospects will be insanely profitable for all shareholders.

Owners and Developers

Umar Hussain Malik, a trustworthy name known for almost twenty-five years of experience in excellence and managerial role, is developing this project. Moreover, he has shown that he can uplift the real estate developments in the country by keeping quality standards available for all shareholders. Most importantly, the developer is supporting his efforts to offer luxurious and international standards to all investors, especially all the residents of Islamabad. The name of the developers is famous for the Karachi Steel mills. Therefore Cyrus-1 is the name that will enhance the way of living of all shareholders, especially from the twin cities.

Cyrus-1 is the mega hotel and apartment project that will develop under the international and famous hotel chain Trivelles. Moreover, the hotel brand is globally and nationally renowned, as its chains are available in the UK, UAE, Malaysia, and Pakistan. The Trivelles Executive Suites in Islamabad are already their famous initiative. Furthermore, it enhances the country’s real estate and hotels project standards. Trivelles is an international brand that keeps its quality of delivering high-class projects maintained throughout the world. Some of their hotel project details are here.

Trivelles International & National Projects

  • In the United Kingdom, they have 18 Hotels
  • High-Class Apartment Complex in Islamabad
  • Famous Water Villas in Malaysia
  • Premium Quality Apartment at JBR, Dubai
  • Variety of Hotels in Malaysia


The site of this hotel apartment project is another fascinating aspect that is grabbing the interest of investors, as it will be near Islamabad International Airport and at the main boulevard, Airport Enclave. Moreover, the closeness to the Airport and the twin cities hold the shareholders’ interests. And that will help to create an ideal residential investment in the community. Therefore, keeping the sustainable and profitable investment opportunity in mind, the site of this mega hotel and apartment project is the most optimal and ideal. The details f the mega hotel project accessibilities and probabilities are here.

Access Points

  • Two Minutes From Metro Bus Station
  • Three minutes from M1 & M2 Motorway Interchange
  • Five Minutes from the Islamabad International Airport
  • Fifteen Minutes from the Downtown Islamabad

Payment Plans

The mega hotel project, Cyrus-1, will enhance the way of living for all investors to make it one of its kind opportunity for the investors from the Airport adjacent areas. The hotel project will be of various facilities available for everyone. Therefore, the investment here might see a spike time shortly. However, the price ranges are still not available in the community. Thus, the officials will share the details regarding the properties, shops, and apartments here. But keeping yourself updated here is advisable and necessary to make a timely and profitable investment at the Cyrus-1.

The developers are ensuring that the investment opportunity here will be affordable and the best commercial investment opportunity for both inland and overseas shareholders. Moreover, the instalment plans might also be part of the price packages to enhance the investment rates and motivate the investors to create a futuristic investment at the hotel. The officials will release the details through their official pages or website. That is why checking their official online platform will help make the original and worthwhile investment at the hotel.

Cyrus-1 Ground Floor Payment Plan

Cyrus-1 will be at the main boulevard, Airport Enclave. Moreover, the shops’ price ranges vary according to the sizes. There will be nineteen shop sizes available on the ground floor. The total amount range from PKR 14,352,000/- to PKR 23,322,000/-. The shareholders will make a worthwhile investment according to investment capacity.

Cyrus-1 Lower Ground Floor Payment Plan

The payment plan for the lower ground floor shops will be affordable according to the amenities it will offer to the investors. Moreover, shops of multiple sizes will be fulfilling the commercial needs of the investors. Therefore, the best aspect of the investment here is that it will be immensely profitable. Furthermore, the available shop’s prices here will start from  PKR 13,662,000/- to PKR 27,370,000/-. Other information on all the related aspects is in the table.

Food Court Payment Plan

The food court will be part of the mega project and create a space to generate another profitable investment strategy for everyone. The food court provision will be on the First Floor, offering eleven shops. So the shareholders can invest and work with their favourite food chain. The prices range of the shops will start from PKR 11,270,000/- to PKR 9,660,000/-.

Apartments Payment Plan

The variety of apartments will make the investment more reliable for all investors. The shareholder can invest in eleven available apartment sizes. Moreover, the shareholders can make an ideal living and commercial investment here at reasonable rates. Most importantly, the buyers can opt for 50-50% profit sharing for monthly rentals. Lastly, the apartment’s total prices will range from PKR 10,085,460 to PKR 6,566,700/-. The instalment provision is also available for the shareholders. However, it will be mandatory for the investors to pay the 30% downpayment and 10% on the possession.

Master Plan

Cyrus-1 is a luxurious and contemporary hotel apartment project that will soon be available for everyone near the Islamabad International Airport. Moreover, it will be a star and purpose-built project. The project, as we all know the endeavour of Uk based hotel chain Trivelles. Therefore, the shareholders already have confidence in investing in the mega hotel project, where they can gain massive profitable returns. Here are some of the property’s salient features available for all shareholders.

The best aspect of the properties is that they will be near the Airport, which makes the project unique and profitable. Moreover, the site is the most suitable area for investment because the location is becoming the hub for real estate endeavours. Most importantly, the owners claim annual income for ten years will be accessible. Therefore, it will be the safest and most secure investment for sustainable profits, as there will be twenty per cent appreciation available for all properties. Lastly, the free stay provision will be available for all owners.


There will be variability in the apartment at the mega hotel project. Moreover, the Airport’s closeness will increase the worth of the hotel. It will be a significant endeavour because the investors can stay here during their international or national trips through the country and globally. A variety of sizes will make the investment choice more convenient for all shareholders. The best aspect will be the reasonable payment packages that will enhance the buying capacity of the shareholders and owners.

Typical Floor Plan

The exact details might be available shortly. However, according to the open date, here are the floor plan details.

  • Front Facing Main Double Roads
  • Twenty feet of space on both sides
  • Ten feet space on the back side

Shops & Food Chains

Multiple international food chains will capture the investors’ interest in making the best investment opportunity. Moreover, brands like KFC, OPTP, and many more might be part of the community. The best aspect is that all investors and visitors from the country and overseas can have suitable leisure time here. Moreover, luxurious international standards will be available for everyone. Therefore, investment by overseas and local shareholders is now profitable.


Floor Plan

The shops will be the mega hotel project’s best and most attractive feature. According to the current information from the developers, here are the details. Lastly, the floor plan will be the same for the lower ground floor, ground floor, first floor, and the

  • The front will face the main double road
  • On two sides, twenty feet of space will be available
  • On the back side, ten feet will be available

Development Status

The hotel apartment project may offer the best infrastructure for all investors and inhabitants. The developers also adopt worldwide urban town planning standards to make it a trustworthy place. Additionally, the area can be chopped and levelled, and development will soon begin there. Additionally, the developers are optimistic that they will quickly provide ideal living quarters to all potential buyers and inhabitants. Last but not least, the construction of the giant hotel will finish with a high level of comfort and distinctive infrastructure. Keep up with them by visiting their website for information on the development work. Also, visit our website to learn more about the most recent updates to the development.


The Cyrus-1 will be one of a kind and profitable mega hotel apartment opportunity that will soon be available in the proximity of the new International Airport. The world-class facilities will be another lucrative reason to make a sustainable investment here.

  • Premium-Quality Infrastructure
  • Renowned Developers
  • Adequate Sewage System
  • Underground Electricity
  • Shops
  • Apartments
  • Parking Lot
  • Wide Rooms
  • Food Courts
  • Fool Proof Security System
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Eco-Friendly Project
  • Corporate Offices
  • Wide Gates
  • Electronic Checking System
  • Emergency Gates
  • Wide Front Gate
  • Luxurious World-class Lights
  • Wide Lifts
  • Efficient Escalators
  • Local & International Brands


The massive hotel project will include excellent facilities for everyone. Additionally, the developers guarantee that all shareholders will enjoy high-quality, long-term living conditions by having these amenities.

Fully secured environment

According to the developer and owner, all inhabitants should have access to a tranquil and secure living environment. The hotel property will additionally offer a safe setting for long-term domestic investments. Furthermore, as is common knowledge, the site location will be furnished with cutting-edge technical innovations and CCTV Cameras. Security guards will also provide a calm and tense environment for all future investors and residents. Additionally, homeowners would imagine having the best living amenities here.



Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Project

The hotel project will be a superb residential investment opportunity for aspiring investors. The tranquilly and cleanliness of the surroundings will also be there by the presence of plants. Most importantly, it will help lower the community’s hazards because of the climate. Additionally, the construction project will comply with the founder’s instructions and urban town planning regulations, minimizing waste and boosting effective resource use.

Commercial Opportunities

There will be commercial plots available in the hotel community. Additionally, the high-quality infrastructure will boost capital property’s success. And achieving this will help produce the best company leads and prospects. These properties’ costs will also help with starting any business. Also helping to boost financial returns are the commercial zone’s facilities and location.

Access to Essentials

The owners are on hand to meet the fundamental needs of every investor at their door. They also seek to make the lifestyle more convenient and healthy. Providing electricity, gas, and water is essential to improving people’s living standards. To guarantee that all investors may enjoy long and healthy lives, it is necessary that all of these facilities be inexpensive and always available.

Premium Infrastructure

The locals can get daily groceries at the stores and markets. Additionally, the developers are eager to live profitably and sustainably here. Most importantly, the occupants will have access to the highest quality and most affordable goods in the hotel neighbourhood. Additionally, the markets will include all the recognized and regional goods needed to satisfy inhabitants’ daily needs. Finally, the developers will offer the ideal living arrangement to both investors and residents.

Free Stays for Investors

Trivelles is known for its trustworthy and profitable investment opportunities throughout the world. Moreover, the shareholders can get seven days of free stay every year in the owned property at this mega hotel project. But, most importantly, they can enjoy the lucrative amenities available at the hotel. And it can be the best opportunity for overseas and international visitors to enjoy leisure for free. Therefore, making ann memorable investment opportunity here is advisable.

Food Court

There will be several food chains will be available at the mega project. Moreover, the shareholders can get the shops and start business ventures to make profitable investment opportunities. The best aspect is that the easy price range will make the instalment option more secure here. Furthermore, multiple shop sizes will be available on the First floor, where the shareholders can start the investment or make the rental gains. Therefore, the investment process here will be affordable and worthwhile.

Shopping Facilities

The locals can get daily groceries at the stores and markets. Additionally, the developers are eager to live profitably and sustainably here. Therefore, the tenants can access the highest quality and most affordable goods in the hotel and the apartments. Most Importantly, the affordable payment Packages make the investor’s opportunity fascinating.

 Markets and shop availability will include all the recognized and regional goods needed to satisfy everyone’s daily needs. Lastly, the property developer plans to offer the ideal living arrangement to shareholders and tenants.

Why Invest In Cyrus-1?

The ideal way of life will be available by the Mega hotel-apartment complex. The best part is that the previous building projects by the constructors have given the investors and prospective residents ideal living conditions. Most important, though, are all the features and amenities listed above. The developers are ensuring to uphold their output’s legacy and standards. They will be able to achieve sustainable living in a hotel area because all necessary amenities and goods will be inexpensive. Last but not least, there will be a variety of investors with convenient payment terms for the sizes and pricing.

Pros and Cons

Several Pros will be a part of all Cyrus-1 investors’ lives. The mega international standards hotel investment will be valuable in many aspects of life.


  • Renowned Developers
  • Famous Hotel Chain
  • Secured Environment
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Commercial Opportunities
  • Shops
  • Apartments
  • International and local Brands
  • Lifts and Escalators
  • Wide gates and entrances
  • Emergency exits
  • Availability of parking lot
  • Ideal location
  • Eco-Friendly Project
  • High-Quality Structural Quality
  • Access of Essentials
  • Close to Airport
  • Food Courts
  • Electronic Checking System
  • Underground electricity system
  • Provision of generators
  • International and local brands
  • Close to twin cities
  • Noc approved
  • FBR registered
  • Fast development pace


The kind of facilities and features available at this hotel project it is hard for any investors to find the cons of investing here. However, it is the future of luxurious and worthwhile commercial investment opportunities in the country, especially for the shareholders of the twin cities. Unfortunately, one aspect known to investors is the minimum information regarding the payment plans, which creates the misperception of expensive payment plans.

  • Perception of expensive investment


The Cyrus-1 will soon be available mega hotel and apartment project available for investors. Moreover, the investors can create the optimal investment opportunity to make the ideal investment. The best aspect is that it will be closer to Airport, uplifting the overseas investor’s rates here. Most importantly, it will be a luxurious hotel chain by the Trivelles. A brand is known for many international and national projects that are available in this article. The best aspect is the legitimacy of the hotel-apartment project, which is legitimate and legal under the Rawalpindi Development Authority. To make it more trustworthy, the FBR registered the mega project.

The location is the ideal aspect for all inland and overseas investors. Moreover, the details of the payment plans will be available shortly by the officials. The Cyrus-1 will shape the commercial and living investment opportunities in the country. Therefore, investment here will help both inland and overseas investors create futuristic and worthwhile investments. Lastly, keep up with our website to get authentic information and guidance to make optimal investment opportunities here.


Q1. What is Cyrus-1?

Cyrus-1 is one of its kind apartment-hotel project that will be a four-star standard project.

Q2. Who is the Developer of the Cyrus-1?

Umar Hussain Malik, a trustworthy name known for almost twenty-five years of experience in excellence and managerial role, is developing this project.

Q3. Is Cyrus-1 linked with Trivelles?

Yes, it is the project by the Trivelles.

Q4. Where is the Cyrus-1 location?

The site of this hotel apartment project is another fascinating aspect that is grabbing the interest of investors, as it will be near Islamabad International Airport and at the main boulevard, Airport Enclave.

Q5. Will the mega hotel apartment project be accessible?

The Cyrus-1 will be accessible from the M1 & M2 Motorway Interchange and Downtown Islamabad.

Q6. Will there be apartments and shops provision available?

Multiple sizes and types of apartments and shops will be available for all shareholders.

Q7. Is the hotel project legitimate?

The hotel chain is legal by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and registered with the FBR Amnesty Scheme.

Q8. Will the investment at Cyrus-1 create massive gains?

Of course, the Trivelles name and luxurious and world-class facilities will help shareholders create massive gains by investing here.