Capital Smart City Islamabad is the first residential venture in Pakistan to be contacted with the Smart City idea. The gathering, storing and drawing conclusions from factual data form the groundwork of a Capital Smart City idea. Due to the development’s sceneries and inventive expansion, it will soon become an incredibly alluring private corporation in Pakistan. This project aims to provide the locals with a green environment. There are many benefits to living alongside families in this Society’s perfect setting.

Moreover, Capital Smart City will meet the demands of residents in terms of retail and accommodation. Demand boosted after Capital Smart City’s launch in 2018. Before making an investment, Pakistani real estate investors and potential residents predominantly consider two main factors: the location of the housing site and the developer’s name, reputation and previous projects.

Owners and developers

This endeavour appears to be a great business opportunity. To give its occupants a superb collection of amenities, skilled engineers and designers from throughout the globe have come to Pakistan

Future Development Holding Limited

One of the top real estate developers, Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited is renowned for its exceptional planning and organization compared to other prominent builders. Additionally, FDHL aims to transform locals’ lifestyles into contemporary and Smart living. FDHL has an innovative and opulent style of life in consideration while travelling and provides excellent customer assistance and thorough consultation to all. According to company legislation, FDHL is a corporation with the first enlistment. Several modest alliance companies founded this corporation from across the nation and the world.

Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited

The record of success of Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd. in the real estate infrastructure sectors spans more than sixty years. It is one of the leading construction corporations in Pakistan and the nation’s largest infrastructure builder. In addition, the construction of some of Pakistan’s most significant housing projects is well known for HRL. Because of its superior management, it also obtained ISO 9000 accreditation. Additionally, for the past fifteen years, HRL has been leading innovation in the development of the lodging industry. As a result, the company’s name is currently among the most famous names on the market.

Capital Smart city NOC

Capital Smart City Islamabad has located in the Rawalpindi area, where the RDA has legal control. The Capital Smart City NOC has already received approval from the RDA, which is brilliant news for investors and prospective stakeholders.

However, hardly any of them have gained NOC from RDA. In addition, while it has believed that RDA takes years to grant societies a NOC, Capital Smart City’s NOC was awarded quickly. All of this demonstrates the developer’s credibility and promise. Occasionally, the Capital Smart City NOC development on the RDA website may read “under review.” That doesn’t always mean the venture is illegal or lacks a NOC, it is because the project developers want to expand the property, so it must reapply for a NOC. At that point, RDA undertakes all of its reviews anew before reviewing the NOC. Every time Capital Smart City Islamabad expands or builds additional blocks, the owners and the developers comply with their legal obligations and submit a new NOC. That does not render the Society unlawful or its previously obtained NOC invalid.

 Capital Smart City Location and Map

The Islamabad Capital Smart City has well situated in the Rawalpindi and Islamabad suburbs. The community is close to the Thalian Junction on the M2 Motorway between ISB-LHR. Moreover, Islamabad International Airport New is a 5-minute commute from the Capital Smart City.  The NHA and FWO have also given this society permission to build.  The future CPEC route and the projected Rawalpindi Main Highway are close to this housing venture. The Capital Smart City has built on a 60000 Kanal land area, according to the location and layout of Islamabad Capital Smart City. The housing society is back home to the Sill River and Chauhan Dam. One of the few housing projects in the area with exposure to freshwater sources is this one. In addition, the residential Society has ideally situated to provide uninterrupted access from the twin cities’ main thoroughfares.


The design of Smart City Islamabad aims to advance the standard of living. Undoubtedly, this route will boost economic improvement and improve the quality of life for the locals. Additionally, creative advancements and spotlights have aligned with the altar to provide more excellent manoeuvrability. As a result, the astute plans and tactics will produce an advanced foundation and far-flung innovative plan, a much more common living environment for the residents. Additionally, the Smart City Islamabad’s planners had in mind a corporate society that would provide modern, open communal spaces and innovative, customer-focused workplaces.

Therefore, the design of Smart City Islamabad aims to elevate the standard of living. This peculiarity will undoubtedly encourage the economic condition of the Society’s master plan, which is currently spontaneous and will grow over time. The extra land in this residential venture will include many more buildings later. Capital Smart City Islamabad’s growth is now in the works due to the investors’ overwhelmingly positive responses. In August 2019, officials proposed a plan for territorial expansion. The territory of Capital Smart City will be roughly 80,000 Kanal well after addition, making it the most extensive residential Society in the neighbourhood.

Blocks available in the Capital Smart City

This housing society has numerous blocks with hundreds of different-sized Capital Smart City plots available for sale. Additionally, the masterplan of this Society has three sections:

  • Residential Segment
  • Commercial Sector
  • Sector for Parks and Recreation

The developers ensure that all blocks have these segments for the betterment of the future inhabitants. Currently, the societal building blocks are


  • Executive Block
  • Smart Villas
  • Overseas Block
  • Hill Vista
  • Aviation Village
  • Holiday Parks
  • Harmony Park
  • China Village
  • Crystal Lake
  • Farm House
  • Financial Square

Executive Block

 A luxurious living style with top-notch architecture for the public, the developers built the  Executive/ General Block. The Islamabad Capital Smart City Executive Block offers a reasonable payment schedule with a flexible instalment payment plan that requires a 10 per cent down payment. The remaining balance is payable in equal quarterly instalments. The  Executive Block is the first Block that progressed to additional blocks.  The  Capital Smart City General Block has commercial and housing properties. The plot sizes vary in this Block, ranging from 5,7 and 10 Marla to 1-2 Kanal plots.

Smart Villas

Capital Smart City Islamabad Villas is the builders’ genuinely “Smart” offering. The Smart Villas complex includes a range of opulent villas with swimming pools and lawns. Technological advances have featured in villas, including lighting systems, security systems, gadget control, home automation, and many more. Capital Smart City Villas is the first residential venture which introduced the idea of Smart homes in the country. The tenants’ home maintenance will be automatic, allowing them to handle every residence feature from a Smart device. In addition, Smart Villas integrate sophisticated and slashing technologies to create a much more stable environment. There are wide ranges of Villas, including the 5,7,10 and 12 Marlas Villas and 1-2 Kanal Villas.

Oversea Block

The Overseas Blockaims to give Pakistanis living abroad a fair opportunity for speculating inside Pakistan. In the oversea Block, the future residents may maximize the superior craft neighbourhood and enjoy its advantages. Additionally, the extension means private properties and areas in addition to hospitals, institutions, and mosques. This Block has specially planned for overseas Pakistanis due to their worldwide comforts, and overseas Pakistanis typically have difficulty assimilating here. However, they will discover that everything in this civilization is superior to the conveniences found overseas. The Capital Smart City Overseas Block has planned as a unique gated neighbourhood with full public utilities. An elite secured setting for Pakistani business executives is called The Overseas Block. The Capital Smart City  Overseas Block has situated inside the Society’s grounds as a distinct and privileged community. The Capital Smart City peak point is where this Block has located. The Overseas Block has the distinct advantage of being the highest height in the vicinity, thanks to its elevation. The Overseas Block has slated to be considered one of the finest luxury neighbourhoods in Capital Smart City 

Hill vista

The Hill Vista is a private area of Capital Smart City, which includes a variety of holdings and mansions in addition to golf courses and farms. Additionally, the golf course has developed in the Block. Moreover, there are many lodges and hotels nearby. There is also a golf academy for individuals interested in participating.

Aviation village

With the International Airport  Islamabad being so close to the residential endeavour, an Aviation Village will also construct there, elevating cooperation to a different level. To meet the cooperation and housing necessities of the aviation industry, having sizable supply chain entities with cold capacity buildings, display corridors, professional workspaces, and hotels may be the right setting.

Holiday Parks

Capital Smart City Islamabad residents don’t have to go a long way to find entertainment. The Holiday Park has an amusement park, a beautiful bird park, a unique flower garden, and a Food street to enjoy cutting-edge wayside food close to r home. Additionally, the area will have a vacation lodge for visitors who might be interested in visiting Smart City, primarily for the entertainment it provides.

Harmony Parks

Due to the high cost of the Capital Smart City project, many individuals cannot purchase their ideal property or plot of land. Therefore, the capital Smart City has also created Harmony Park Block. As a result, all low-income individuals can have a home in this Society.

The majority of Society will likely have access to all the amenities and standards of this building. However, the unit costs are less than other blocks. This Block includes one- and three-bedroom apartments (The Villas), which incorporate multiple of 3.5 Marla and 5 Marla, as well as modest area dwelling complexes with roughly 3.5 Marla plots. These rental buildings have reasonable, flexible payment schedules that last up to 3.5 years.

China Village

Properties for various applications are currently available in China Village. In addition, a shopping mall will be part of this Block. The company also anticipates constructing multiple recreation amenities for the residents.

Crystal Lake

Its accommodation and business hub set Crystal Lake apart from other blocks. This complex has a hanging hamlet, a twirling fountain, hotels, movie theatres, and a shopping complex. Beautiful Stone Lake, which has versatile homes available for sale on the premise, serves as the area’s focal point.

Farm House

These are the Capital Smart City’s priciest possibilities, but the sizes and extras justify the cost.  The farmhouse block, close to the Islamabad International Airport, will have all the luxuries, such as access to amenities, highways, etc., but won’t have the typical commotion of large cities. These have on farmlands and agricultural land to keep the original nature of farmhouses.

Financial Square

The Financial Square also provides residential properties, although this project’s primary goal is to push speculative business projects in Smart City Islamabad. There are office and cooperative sector layouts and facilities featuring exhibition and meeting lounges, ideal for collaborative settings. Additionally, hotels constructed inside the territory can house visitors who are there on business.

Development status

The development of Smart Cities Islamabad is developing quickly. Society has seen numerous agreements amongst the biggest businesses in the world to deliver state-of-the-art technology and upscale features to Society. Movenpick will also build its following resorts and properties to provide the best quality service for the project. Moreover, the college’s university building has  Agreement with National Defense University in this lovely project. Additionally, the redevelopment work at Smart City has evolved beyond its first phase. The development has quickened in the months following the extend’s formal initiation. With the aid of new tech and sophisticated equipment, the area’s flattening and mapping were almost accomplished. Golf enthusiasts are quite intrigued because there might be a standard course there. For the objective, they designed contemporary architecture and innovation for building and land stabilization. As a result, Islamabad will have a genuinely modern society. There are four tube wells to cover the necessities of the Society’s water system. In addition, 200 pieces of the machine have to retrieve for the project.

Why invest in Capital Smart City

The plan provides residents with a modern way of life. The creators want to give individuals a practical way of life. As a result, it’s a unique nation experience. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art design and technologies make this extension a perfect residence. Right present, the project is more successful because of the excellent location. Additionally, the business offers various services and conveniences due to the owners’ intention to establish a clean atmosphere.

Flexible Payment

Regarding the Smart Economy, the extension promises to offer over 90,000 job vacancies while promoting numerous business and commercial hubs. In addition, modern plans and structures are being put in place at key locations to provide residents with convenient and quick accessibility to well-paved streets and a public transportation system that will make it simple for them to reach Islamabad.

Smart Housing Setup

“Smart Lodging” refers to the lifestyle Smart City Islamabad promotes. In the centre of a complete and sustainable society, the extension offers branching storylines for sale and a comprehensive range of amenities. It welcomes both local and international investors equally. It supports a population of over 200,000 while providing more than 30,000 housing units.

Sustainable Environment

Because this project is entirely autonomous and environmentally friendly, a green economy in this development refers to the productive utilization of the available resources, where residents may enjoy sufficient and stable access to water and power. The city also ensures that waste is effectively and that open spaces remain clean and lush throughout, with a maximum walking distance of 500 metres.

Healthcare Facilities

The advancement of the healthcare care available to people in Islamabad would be the focus of this project section. It will comprise many treatment centres, hospitals, and research groups to ensure that the local population receives essential rehabilitative assistance.

Education Facilities

This city provides educational institutions, including institutions, universities, and academic institutions, at every level, ensuring that residents have a wide range of options. Inside the facility, there will be dormitories for remedial institutions, and working parents will use the daycare facilities to ensure that their youngsters are cared for by professionals in their absence.

Safe Neighbourhood

With more than just an electric grid facility and solar power parks, Capital Smart City Islamabad elevates the status of urban utilities. Additionally, it provides plants for situations involving the sewage system and potable water. In addition, there is a water system for safeguarding the ecosystem and a more robust administrative structure to organize garbage properly. Regarding security, this project has some of the best features.

Provision of Smart Services

The Smart Services include automatic vehicle controls and the automated provision of essential services. Additionally, the absence of power outages, CCTV that uses facial and object acknowledgement, computerized road lamps, free Wi-Fi hotspots spread throughout the project, automated air conditioners facility, and the provision of electric scooters for residents.

Final Verdict

The majority of the home scheme’s elements are indeed quite alluring. It is a significant investment that will undoubtedly prosper. In the property sector, Habib Rafiq is a reputable name. When you decide to invest in a scam, you may admit it. Most plots are already reserved; you must do the same for yours. Islamabad’s capital smart city reviews demonstrate that it is unquestionably a good concept. It is a fantastic residential concept that will take the business to new levels.


Q 1: Describe the idea behind the Capital Smart City?

A 1:The FDHL institution Capital Smart City is the first to introduce the concept of an ideal environment to Pakistan. A smart city uses technologies and data to regulate its assets wisely.

Q 2: How big is the Capital Smart City?

A 2: Over 55 thousand Kanals of land is a plan for Capital Smart City, but additional land has been purchased for expandability.

Q 3: Can I get there using the Rawalpindi Ring Road?

A 3: There will be a special section with the words “Possible Ring Road Site” close to the Capital Smart City entrance if you enter the Neighborhood from Chakri Road.

Q 4: What Smart amenities are available to you in this Society?

A 4: This Capital Smart City is a fully self-sufficient housing project that gains various clever and distinctive features. These amenities comprise free Wi-Fi, a BRT network, programmes for managing appliances, a monitoring system, traffic-management technology, and many others.

Q 5: Is this Neighbourhood a viable concept for both extended- and short-term financial strategies?

A5: It is an excellent option for short- and long-term investments. You won’t be down by it In so many respects. It truly is a great opportunity