Blue World City Islamabad is agreat residential project constructed near Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It will provide investors and residents with the best living standard possible. Additionally, this magnificent housing project is expanding quickly and offers a durable way of living. Most crucially, all shareholders would have affordable access to a housing venture. The planning system also features several plots with residential construction and other variousproperties, allowing investors to choose the property size that best suits their needs. The critical aspect that all people look forward to making a healthy livelihood here is the developing status.

The best-rated residential community in Islamabad will be going be Blue World City. The Blue Group of Companies (BGC), a Pakistani real estate firm, is building it in collaboration with theacclaimed Shan Jian Municipal Architecture Firm. Blue World City Islamabad is adjacentto the Chakri Interchange and from the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

It is currently among the region’s most reasonably priced housing complexes and is well-liked by shareholders. In addition, blue World City offers Internet services, including Blue World City Confirmation, Online Payment, Certificate of Membership Digital Confirmation, and Application Status. Moreover, Blue World city comprises General Block,Awami Villas, Blue Hills Country Farms, and Overseas Block

Blue world city builders

This residential project is a magnificent effort between Pakistan and China. As both countries now share a brotherly bond to enhance their friendship, they have decided to work on a residential venture named Blue World City Islamabad. The Blue World City is the first twin-cities sightseeing city in Pakistan. The Chinese company Shan Jian Municipal Consulting Firm and the Blue Group of Companies are maintained by Saad Nazir, the son of Ch. Nazeer, a former senior commissioner for Lahore, collaborated to develop the residential Society. The Blue Group of Companies, operating in Lahore since 1989, primarily manages Blue World City’s exploration and rehabilitation efforts. The company has more than 310 knowledgeable employees with a wealth of experience. In the beginning, the business demonstrated effectiveness with architectural design and production. As little more than a result, it quickly gained the devotion of its clients and established a strong reputation as trustworthy construction industry. As a result, the industry has expanded since that time all over Pakistan.

Blue World City Islamabad NOC

The immense challenge is for any residential organization to obtain a NOC. However, the RDA would soon concede the NOC of Blue World City. According to Vide Letter No. RDA/MP&TF/F PHS-PTR-10/148, the consultant approval has been approved by theRDA. The relevant authorities initially permitted the 427 Kanal area. Then, following a lengthy procedure, the owners requested an additional 5,000 Kanal acquisition,  approvedin 2018. Currently, Blue World City occupies 5,000 Kanals of significant land.

Blue World CityIslamabad  Location and Map

The Blue World City Islamabad location and map haveincomparableconvenience to twin cities. Moreover, the proximity of Blue World City bodes well for the region around the new Islamabad expressway. In addition, it has other different entry points throughout twin cities.

  • Islamabad International Airport (New)
  • Chakri Interchange ( Motorway)
  • Kashmir highway
  • Rawal Pindi ring road (New)
  • Newly developed Green Oaks Farms
  • Bharia town Islamabad
  • Mumtaz city
  • Defence Housing Authority society
  • Capital Smart city
  • University town

Property buyers concentrate on the aspects of a property and finance their income in districts where they turn a profit. Four significant construction activities in both cities are under the control of Blue World City Location.

Blue World City Master Plan

Blue World City is a contemporary housing development and the first residential Society to be entirely built using Chinese construction methods, which is situated midway between the Twin Cities. According to reports, the massive housing project manifests the escalating Pak-China relationship.

The housing development slated has formed across a 51,000 Kanal area, according to Blue World City Islamabad master plan. A village called “Sehal” serves as the moza for the housing development. TheBlue World City master planis idealfor this residential projecton Chakri Road, near the M2 Motorway and the new Islamabad Airport. It is undeniable that Blue World City’s master plan emanates modernity because the community will have constructed it employing international construction techniques. The property boasts of having modern infrastructure and roadways. One of the Blue World City Islamabad project’s most appealing elements is possibly the recommended road layout. The architects’ plan calls for a complex labyrinth of carpeted highways.

Payment plan

Plot costs and financing options change with time and which influenced by various property market factors, including inflationary and general property sector charges. In addition, each phase offers varying rates for plots because each sector has situated at a particular location.

Business and residential plots are both offered for sale at excellent prices. The costs and elegance are unmatched by any other residential complex. The properties in the community are divided into different categories and created so that anyone, especially those from the middle or lower middle class, may own a home.

Any property in any area of Blue world city in Islamabad is worthwhile as an investment, but the Overseas Block wins every time. Therefore, if you raise your spending higher, you can also purchase the most admirable piece of land in this area. Blue World City is still in its early stages of construction, making this the best time to invest because you can buy plots for reasonable costs.

Blue World City Instalment Plan

The Blue World City Instalments Plans haveaimedto makeinvestmentstraightforward for its enthusiasticbuyers. The payment instalments will have scheduled into eight half-quarterly payments and 40 monthly payments.

Blue world City Projects details

Blue World City is a muti project endeavour. Therefore, the management decided to provide premium residential facilities to the potential buyers according to their affordability. The details of the Blue World City projects are as follow

  • Blue World City Awami Complex
  • Blue World City General Block
  • Blue World City Oversea Block
  • Blue World executive block
  • Blue World City Waterfront Block
  • Blue World City Orbital Flats
  • Blue World City Country Farms

Awami Block in Blue World City

This marvellous residential Block has all these housing components in perfect locations. Moreover, this block infrastructure meets worldwide criteria, and this property is distinctive. Therefore, it is one of the best housing investment opportunities. The residential Block works according to Ex prime minister Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan scheme. The main agenda of the project is to provide affordable houses to the middle or lower middle class and avoid a housing crisis in Pakistan.

Awami block available plots

Awami blocks have made it simple to purchase apartments in instalments. Society wants to offer residents from all socioeconomic groupsreasonable residential options, especially those who cannot afford expensive living expenses. The property available in an Awami block ranges from 3 to 4.5 Marlas in affordable instalments.

Awami block amenities

The investors ensure there is no lack in the future inhabitants’ facilities due to its low pricing. Moreover, this Block has all the amenities which appeal to the buyers’ interest, like itsproviding foolproof security, which is the biggest issue for any housing society. All the daily necessities are available to facilitate the community. Additionally, education and healthcare facilities are available to deal with emergencies.

Blue world city General block

The General Block compriseshousing and industrial plots. Therefore, this Block combines beautiful Landscapes and luxury property. Furthermore, due to its scenery, the property is an excellent investment.

Available plots

The  General residential Block has different ranges of properties like 5,8,10 Marla plots and 1,2 Kanal plots. However, all the assets are excellent investments as the coalition did not compromise facilities.

Features in General Blocks

 The coalition provides facilities and covers all luxuries and comfortable lifestyles. The General Block has beautiful wide roads, main boulevards, beautiful and lush green parks, beautiful scenery and most importantly, the space utilization is top notch. The overall infrastructure is according to the global standard. The General Block sure provides a premium living style to its residents.

Blue world city Overseas Block

Overseas Block has situated against a backdrop of breathtaking roadways and lush vegetation. Even though it is far from the bustle and noise of the major metropolis, the travel into the city centre only takes around 10 minutes. The building offers its residents a hassle-free, extravagant life and is an excellent investment prospect for foreign investors. The Block has numerous-sized domestic and industrialestates.

The property in Overseas Block is minimal and given to the first customers visiting the site. This Block provides total security and comfort to Overseas Pakistanis. The Blue World City Overseas Block cater to the needs of Pakistan’s expatriate population. According to the requirements of overseas Pakistanis or foreign residents, this sector would offer cutting-edge conveniences and high-quality architecture.

Available plots at Overseas Block

The Overseas Block has 5,7,10,14 Marla plots and 1,2 Kanal plots. All the assets are excellent investments as the coalition did not compromise facilities.

Facilities in Overseas Block

The Modern security measures in the Gated Community include education institutes, Healthcare facilities, and mosques for the residents. In addition, the Overseas Lagoon Cluband  Green Service Area with the  E-Tag System are also available in Overseas Block.

Blue World City Waterfront Block

The neighbourhoodhas a newly developed Waterfront Block in the area, directly across from Overseas Block. So residents might bring in the peaceful waterfront landscapes and Society’scalmness. So that residents’ needs and commercial amenities all are within the Society. Even contemporary healthcare accommodations may be within reach the boundaries of Society.

Blue World City Executive Block

The Blue World City offers Executive Block, its state-of-the-art construction, a fabulous accompaniment, and the beautifuluptown community. The Executive Block is positioned in an immediateneighbourhood and is effortlessly accessible from numerous directions. Moreover, The Executive Block will excelingreatness, complexity, and beauty. All necessary and contemporary amenities will be available to the Block’s occupants. Residents ofExecutive Block will have admitted to an excellentstandard of living.The estateoffered is 5,10,20 marlas plots.

Blue World City Orbital Flats

A fantastic lifestyle will offer at Orbital Apartments in Blue City. This property in Pakistan is the best option if you enjoy panoramic countryside views all day.

Orbital apartments provide opulent yet cost-effective living options with top-notch infrastructural development. There is a demand to construct orbiting flats becauseupright housing projects are developingand preferred in Pakistan due to the growing population. The Orbital accommodations have manyconveniences and luxuries.

It offers all the upscale services and activities, like the highest horse mascots, a waterpark park, and a 208-foot-wide orbital avenue with rich landscaping and many conveniences like an indoor swimming pool, gym, spa and other luxury services.

Blue World City Country Farms

Having a fast, stressful, and everyday life can be difficult. Blue Hills Country Farms has also located nearby to satisfy that demand. Tension can injureemotional and bodily health, irrespective of work. In addition, the fields provide a tranquil setting that is eco-friendly.

The Blue Hills Farmhouse has situated in a tranquil part of the community, close to a lovely waterway and encircled by the area’s scenic beauty.

The recentexpansion in the Blue world city

The work in Blue World City is going very fast and smoothly. They have already developed their significant monuments and the world-recognized brands’ franchise. Some of their recently completed projects are down here

  • Highest Horse Mascot
  • Sports Arena
  • Overseas Block gate
  • Forces Schools Campus
  • Second cup Coffee Franchise
  • Water park
  • Economic hub

Features in Blue World City

Blue World City plans to build Islamabad’s most prominent housing complex to address Islamabad’s and Rawalpindi’s emerging business and residential projects. It provides all of the basic conveniences needed for a contemporary housing complex.

Housing development will be a marvel of Chinese construction and design. In addition to being the region’s most reasonably priced housing community, it was also expressly designed to address the demand for housing the approximately 2 million Chinese citizens. They will travel to Pakistan for the CPEC corridor program in the coming years.

It is now crucial for Society to build infrastructure and facilities of a high international standard, which will benefit Chinese residents and raise Pakistani nationals’ standards of living.

Imitation of Blue Mosque

The management decided to erect an imitation of this enormous mosque to revive Islamic culture and values in Pakistan.The copy of the Blue Mosque will succeed the Faisal Mosque as a landmark and draw tourists to this community. In addition, the mosque will accurately reflect and support Blue World City’s theme.


This park has features of water slopes, wave baths, a dramatic waterfall, kid-friendly pools, water rides, and water surfing. In addition, the Society intends to construct Pakistan’s most prominent and first disputed waters theme.

Sports Arena

Blue World City has constructed a multi-purpose recreation and entertainment centre to encourage leisure events and activities and entertain and celebrate cultural variety.

Top-notch infrastructure

The first stage of the infrastructure project that Society has already begun is to build a vast network of carpeted roadways that connect all of Society’s areas. These roads would be 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 feet in diameter, correspondingly, with cement walkways for bikes and pedestrians.

Educational institute

The importance of academic institutions to Society is not underlying. Therefore, the designers and contractors also concentrated on developing a world-class learning environment for the kids.

Health care facilities

The block grand plan calls for the operationalization of a hospital because the public’s healthcare is its top concern. In addition, the best tools and equipment are available at the modern healthcare facility to help patients and deal with societal disasters.

Safari Park

The condominium complex contains a Wildlife park, which is another unique aspect. It will educate people by suggesting a safe drive where dangerous animals can roam freely.

Daily Necessities

Housing societies could not function without basic amenities. Consequently, the proprietor of a block makes extra measures to ensure the regular provision of the necessary utilities to ensure that the Society has access to enough power, gas, and supply of water and storage.

Police station

Society has a police station, which will be fully active so that if any unlawful activity happens, the police can come on time. Moreover, the residents feel secure if the police station is near houses.


Cinemas have become a critical means of theatre and leisure for people in every community. Blue World City will have 3D I-max theatres to give its residents access to the most slashing entertainment and innovation.

Voyage club

The organization will have an adventure club to promote social ties and community cohesion. This club will arrange a variety of exciting activities for the delight of its members, including

  • Horseback riding
  • Skydiving,
  • Dirt riding bikes,
  • Jumping off a cliff,


The Blue World City in Islamabad is a housing dreamland for Pakistanis. The best idea about this neighbourhood is it is a bargain and has all the modern conveniences.Prices are also still low since Society is still developing. When the community has wholly developed, prices could increase in one or two years, and this low cost will no longer be an option. Blue World City’sselling points are its affordable prices, luxurious amenities, and monthly payment options.


QNO.1 Where is Blue World City placed?

A Chinese venture has planned and constructed an enormous condominium project called Blue World City in Pakistan. In Rawalpindi, Blue World City lies on Chakri Road.

QNO.2 Is it possible to pay in instalments?

Yes, the owners make it very feasible for their buyers to make easy payment instalments for approximately four years.

QNO3. Is Blue World City blocks affordable?

Yes, Blue world city Awami Block is the most affordable housing block in twin cities

QNO4. Why is Blue World City so famous?

A blue world city is famous because it is a joint housing venture between Pakistan and China. Additionally, it is the first proposed city in the neighbouring twin cities.

QNO5. How were the security measures in the Blue World City?

There is a 24*7security system in Society. Additionally, there will be a fully active police station in the community.